The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On

If you follow any style blogger you have probably been seeing post after post covering the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale across several social media outlets.  It’s a very popular sale and for good reason, there are some really good deals on great brands.  I tend to use the sale as a way to start building my wardrobe for the upcoming fall season without paying the full price.

The cool part about the promotion of such sales on social media is that it helps me get an idea about the fit and quality of an item, as well as different ways to style pieces. If you follow people who truly stand behind an item, they will tell you if the quality is worth the price, whether or not they would purchase themselves, how the sizing runs, and several ways to wear to the item. Personally I find this very helpful so that when I enter huge department stores I feel like I have a game plan, rather than just walking around looking at everything and becoming overwhelmed.

I think its important to note that in this day and age its easy to get caught up in trying to keep up with what we see on the internet.  For bloggers and other influencers buying and showcasing items is a part of their job, however for someone like myself who works a typical 9-5 job, I am only buying a select number of items for my own personal use. I use what my favorite bloggers/instagrammers are trying on and buying as a guide to what items I may be interested in, are within my budget, and will fit into my existing closet.

Now, on the pieces I tried on and which items I purchased:

First up was this BLANKNYC moto jacket with a removable hood for $64.90 ($98.00 after sale).  This item was in the B.P. section of my Nordstrom, aka the juniors department, therefore I sized up one size from a large to an extra-large. The faux leather is great quality for the price and very comfortable. This jacket will be perfect to throw on with jeans, a simple tee and some cute slip-on sneakers in the fall. You can also remove the hood and add some heels for an edgier nighttime look.

To recap:

  • item: BLANKNYC Moto Jacket with removable hood
  • price: $64.90 + tax
  • size: XL (runs one size small)
  • quality: 8/10
  • versatility: 8/10
  • purchased: yes

Next I tried on the Raw Edge Tweed Jacket by Halogen.  I am a huge fan of tweed jackets, I think they are so classic, chic and really make an outfit look more luxurious.  I enjoy wearing mine with skinny jeans, a blouse and flats, but you could also pair a jacket like this with dress pants for work, or a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee.  For sizing I tried this jacket on in a Large and it fit true to size for me, without being to constricting in the arms or shoulders. I think the quality of this piece, as well as most other Halogen items is on par for the price-this jacket is on sale for $98.90 ($149.00 after sale).  However, because I already own several tweed jackets I passed on this one.

To recap:

  • item: Halogen Raw Edge Tweed Jacket
  • price: $98.90
  • size: Large
  • quality: 9/10
  • versatility: 8/10
  • purchased: No


The third item I tried on was this midi coat by the brand Leith in the color “Tan Dale”.  I grabbed a size large, and while the website says it runs true to size, I found it to be way too big on me! Unfortunately my store didn’t have any other sizes available, so I was not able to try on a smaller size to get a better idea of how the coat would look on my frame. The coat is on sale for $59.90 ($89.00 after sale), and while I think it has major potential, I don’t know that the quality is quite there.  The sizing is way off and it seems a little thin.  I also worry about the material pilling.  For these reasons, I passed on this coat.

To recap:

  • item: Midi Coat By Leith
  • price: $59.90
  • size: Large (runs 1-2 size big)
  • quality: 6/10
  • versatility: 6/10
  • purchased: No

Going in to the sale, I knew I really wanted to try on this J. Crew Olga Boiled Wool Topcoat.  I think it is such a classic piece and is practical for the fall and winter here in the Midwest. First I tried on the size 12 in the color “Dark Cement” and found it to run a little large and long in the sleeves. The quality was great and I really liked the overall look, so I sized down to a 12 petite, and it made a world of difference. I ended up purchasing the 12P in the color “Bright Red”, which will add a nice pop of color to my wardrobe. I plan on wearing it with skinny jeans, a white button up and a pair of black loafers.

To recap:

  • item: J. Crew Olga Boiled Wool Topcoat
  • price: $184.90 ($278.00 after sale)
  • size: 12/12P (runs 1/2 size large)
  • quality: 8/10
  • versatility: 7/10
  • purchased: Yes

This Blazer Midi Coat by the brand Mural was another item I had been eyeing going into the sale, and knew I would need to try on in person. The coat was in The B.P department, so I sized up to an extra-large, and it was a little baggy on me. I really like the idea of wearing this with black jeans and a cute pair of mules.  I went back and forth about purchasing this coat, I ended up passing because the fit wasn’t perfect and it seemed a little trendy for my style.

To recap:

  • item: Blazer Midi Coat by Mural
  • price: $84.90 ($128.00 after sale)
  • size: exta-large (runs true to size)
  • quality: 7/10
  • versatility:  7/10
  • purchased: No

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you are probably starting to notice a pattern here – I’ve only tried on coats and jackets! While I did in fact try on a few other items, I went in to try on very specific pieces in an attempt not to get distracted by the craziness of the sale. I tend to gravitate towards jackets/coats/blazers because its a super easy way to dress up a pair of jeans and create multiple looks. I already have a solid collection of denim and blouses to get me through the upcoming seasons, so I focused my attention to other pieces this year.

Okay, now onto the few items I tried on that were not coats. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take any photos of these items, so stock photos from the website will have to do, sorry!

J. Crew Tres Chic tee

I don’t usually wear graphic tees however, J. Crew makes some really cute ones that aren’t super cheesy, so I gave this tres chic tee a try. I sized up to an extra large for a looser fit, and it fit just right. It would be perfect for pairing with any pair of jeans and cardigan for fall, or with boyfriend jeans and a blazer. In the end, I did not end purchasing this tee, as I was really thinking about the coats I wanted to purchase, however I may go back for it since I do not own very many tees like it.

To recap:

  • item: J. Crew “tres chic” graphic tee
  • price: $29.00 ($45.00 after sale)
  • size: extra large (runs true to size, size up for loosier fit)
  • quality: 8/10
  • versatility: 8/10
  • purchased: No

Lastly, I tried on the Gibson Convertible Fleece Cardigan.  This item got a lot of hype and I can confirm it is warranted. Its such a neat concept-it starts off as a open cardigan but can also be worn wrapped around your neck to create a sweater thanks to snaps at the bottom. Not to mention it is super comfortable. My local Nordstrom only had extra-larges available, so I tried it on, and it fit well, but I feel like i could have also worn the L. I am 5 foot 4 inches tall, and the bottom of the cardigan almost touched the ground.  Sadly, I passed on this item, and I am seriously considering going back for it.

To recap:

  • item: Convertible Fleece Cardigan by Gibson
  • price: $45.90 ($68.00 after sale)
  • size: XL (true to size)
  • quality: 9/10
  • versatility: 7/10
  • purchased: No

There you have it, the items I tried on in store.  There were a lot of great items in a range of price points and as I stated earlier, I tried to stick to what worked for me in both terms of my current wardrobe and budget.  I’ve seen a lot of great sweaters and denim, so if you are interested in a post on items I think are good deals, let me know in the comments below.  Additionally, I did purchase three non-clothing items, which I will most likely share on my Instagram account, so be sure to check there too!

Thanks for reading!


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