Fall Fashion from Target

Earlier this week I made a quick trip to Target-just kidding, there is no such thing as a quick trip to Target for me.  What I really meant to say was, earlier this week I spent an hour and half at Target perusing every aisle, and left with more than the three items I intended on purchasing. Does this happen to anyone else?  I know I can’t be alone.  What really got me this time was how much clothing they have out for fall.  My local store always tends to carry what seems like much more clothing and accessories than other stores-so it was extra packed with items.  I left the store so inspired for the upcoming season, I had to share!

Target Fall Womens clothes

I was really surprised by how many different styles of sweaters there were.  We aren’t  just talking about your basic cardigans, they had big over-sized pullovers, boyfriend cardigans, and even dusters.  Each and every one looked so comfortable and came in a large variety of colors.  I was immediately drawn to the deep oranges, mustards and rich maroons.  I wasn’t able to find all of the items I saw, making it hard to link specifics, so you might check your store for more styles.  Here are few of my favorites that I was able to find online:

  • 1. Ava & Viv Ribbed Cardigan $29.99- I love the duster length of this cardigan.  It would be great for pairing with leggings and a white tee for a lazy day or with denim and a blouse for a more put-together daytime look.  On a nice day it could even be worn as a light jacket.
  • 2. Mossimo Supply Co. Multi-Colored Cardigan $24.99-This sweater screams “Fall”. The colors would be perfect to wear with a great pair of leather boots and the pattern will add a little something to a simple outfit.
  • 3. Mossimo Supply Co. Grey Cardigan $24.99- This cardigan is what I consider “boyfriend” style-its cut a little boxier and longer than your traditional cardigan.  I love the grey color for a more neutral look, and the yellow for that perfect autumn pop of color.

In addition to sweaters, there were also some really great vests.  In the past few years I’ve really come around to wearing all different styles of vests (puffer, sweater, athletic..).  They really help achieve a layered, put-together look all while being practical.  One type of vest that was missing from my collection was a cargo or utility vest.  I ended up purchases the following two items:

  • 4. Mossimo Cargo Vest: I think this cargo vest will go great with a variety of long        sleeved shirts underneath, but I’m most excited to try it out with other black pieces for a chic all black outfit.
  • 5. Ava & Viv Utility Vest $29.99: I knew I had to have this item from the moment I saw it. Just check out Pinterest for over a dozen different ways to style a green vest like this-so cute!  I also like this dressier version and the longer trench one too!

As for tops, there were just so many great shirts and blouses, that it was almost overwhelming!  However, my top picks were these two plaid button downs that would be great on their own or layered with some of the above sweaters and vests.

  • 1. Yarn-Dye Plaid Button Front Shirt $34.99- You can’t go wrong with black and white, its a no-brainer.  This shirt looks great on it’s own, but would look even better with a black puffer vest.  I own this one, and can’t wait to try the two together!
  • 2. Ava & Viv Plaid Button Down Shirt $24,99-Again, I was drawn to this shirt because it would look great with a vest.  While the first shirt is a bit lighter of a material, this one is a softer, more traditional plaid material.

Now, on to shoes.  Target has really stepped up their shoe game over the past few years and this upcoming season is no exception.  I love shopping for flats at Target because they are almost always under $30.o0.  While I’m all for investing in a great quality pair of shoes, I also like to have a more affordable option for trying out trends.  I’ve narrowed my favorites down to four pair, but there were seriously so many awesome pairs!  Also, if you use the Cartwheel app shoes are 10% off until August 13th.

Target Womens Flats

  • 1. Merona Blossom Ankle Strap Ballet Flats $19.99- These quilted shoes are so cute, especially with the addition of the ankle strap.  The black and tan combo is so chic and remind me of Chanel.
  • 2. Journee Collection Kim Patent Round Toe Flats $29.99- I stumbled upon these shoes while linking the other pairs and couldn’t help but to include them in the post. They come in four solid colors, and unfortunately are only sold online.  I am planning on ordering the red and black.  If you’ve lusted after a pair of these designer shoes, but couldn’t the stomach the price, then these might be a great pair to try!
  • 3. Merona Poppy d’Orsay Pointed Toe Flats $22.99 – d’Orsay flats have been popular for a while now, yet this was the first time I’ve actually tried a pair on!  They were pretty comfortable for a pointed toe and the burgundy shade was beautiful in person.
  • 4. Mossimo Supply Co. Kady Pointed Toe Lace Up Ballet Flats $24.99-  If you followed the Nordstrom sale, almost everyone (myself included) had a pair of lace-up shoes on their must-have list.  If you missed out on that deal, or just love the look, check these out-for $24.99 it’s worth trying out the trend!

Target was also brimming with handbags and accessories.  At this point, I had been in the store for quite a while and needed to get to going, so I only took a quick once-over this section, but found plenty I was lusting over.

Target Womens Handbags

  • 1. Faux Leather Maya Crossbody Camera Handbag $24.99-This crossbody is the perfect size for taking to concerts, sporting events and other outdoor activities.
  • 2. Mossimo Black Faux Leather Crossbody Handbag $34.99- I’ve been thinking about this bag since I left the store.  While I’ve already purchased a handbag for fall, it’s on the more practical/everyday side, and this bag would be perfect for dressier/going out occasions.  I like that it still has a lot of room on the inside for being a crossbody and is a gorgeous “bordeaux” color.
  • 3. Mossimo Black Faux Leather Tote Handbag $39.99- Last. is this tote with nice clean lines.  It would make a great work bag, or add structure to any daytime outfit.

Well, there they are, my current top picks from Target,  I’m hoping to pick up a few more of these items as we transition from summer to fall. (As if I need any more excuses to go to Target!)  What were your favorite items?  Is your Target already putting out a lot of fall items?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!

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