Drugstore Favorites

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant | Cetaphil Cleanser | L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara | Carmex Sally Hansen Cuticle Cream  | Almay Smart Shade Lipstick  | Covergirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balm 

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty items from the drugstore. Some are tried and true products, some are newer products I’ve been loving the last couple of months. All are under $10.oo-what a steal!

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant: I love this dry spray formula-its quick, easy and is one of the only products I’ve found that doesn’t rub off onto my clothes.  It’s perfect to keep in your gym bag and use as a mid-day refresh!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: This is one of my tried and true, holy grail face washes.  I started using it after college (when I really started to get into taking care of my skin) and have never looked back.  I love to try  out new skincare, however when my skin starts breaking out I always comeback to my beloved Cetaphil.  Sometimes, its good to go back to the basics.  It’s gentle enough to use both day and night and takes off my makeup easily.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara: I’m always trying out new mascaras, and one of my favorite places to shop for them is in the aisles of the drugstore.  I have tried the original Miss Manga mascara in the past and wasn’t a huge fan, but when I saw the wand on the the newest version I was intrigued  The bristles appear to be almost non-existent, but are perfect for working from the base to the tip of your lashes for lots of volume.  This wand is also perfect for your lower lashes.  I’ve never had an issue with this mascara running or smudging-a huge feat for a seasonal allergy sufferer like me!

Carmex: My friends will tell you I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Carmex.  It is my go to lip product that has stood the test of time.  I apply it in the morning after washing my face as a primer for whatever lip product I will be using that day, during the day as needed and a healthy dose before bed for overnight moisturizing.  The scent throws some people off-but it reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom always kept a jar by the couch.

Almay Smart Shade Lipstick: This lipstick was a completely random find.  It’s one of those items that you buy on a whim (in this case, while perusing the clearance aisles trying to kill time), forget you have it for awhile, then start using it one day and then wish you had bought more than one.  My favorite thing about this lipstick is the way it wears, the shade starts off  beautifuly pigmented and then slowly fades throughout the day into the a natural stained lip look.  I also really appreciate how moisturizing this product is, my lips never feel dry while wearing this product.

CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balm- When I heard CoverGirl was coming out with a lip treatment in the form of a tinted chapstick (a supposed to dupe to a certain high end brand) I was ecstatic.  For weeks I searched every drugstore I set foot in for this lip balm. Finally, while on a trip to Texas, I found a large display at a Walmart.  I picked the shade Jelly, which seemed like a nice berry shade and happily broke it open as soon I checked out.  I was really impressed with the formula and shade. Not to mention, it has a lovely lime scent.  I keep this in my bag at all times and I’m looking forward to trying more shades, as my current tube is almost out!

7 thoughts on “Drugstore Favorites

  1. Hi there! As a drugstore addict, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I am also addicted to the Oh Sugar! balms, especially the shade Spice! I have been wearing it almost daily in these summer months, and I love it because it’s unlike any other shade in my lip collection. If you enjoy those, I would highly recommend the Revlon lip butters. I have the shade Juicy Papaya, and I sometimes mix that with the Covergirl Spice to create a brighter shade. If you feel like it, you can check out my blog, but if not, no worries! Have a great day! 🙂 https://telletheblog.wordpress.com/


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